Database I, année 2023


  1. What is a datum: collective participation to the definition, some historical notes

  2. How to organize data

    • Graph data
    • Hierarchical data
    • Tabular data
  3. Meet the relational model

    • Formal definition of a relation: n-tuple, arity, sorts, set, bags
    • Named relations with name fields
    • Relational algebra: Set operations, Project, Selection, Aliasing
    • JOINS
  4. The full algebra: nesting operations

    • JOIN are associative
  5. A simple example: books and authors

  6. Incertainty and missing values: the three valued logic

    • Outer joins
    • Outer joins are NOT associative
  7. Translating from Relational Algebra to SQL and back

    • Playing with the SQL Syntax
    • Translation with relational algebra

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